The Finance Department which consists of employees who handle all financial matters within the Sheriff’s Office. The department is run by a Finance Manager who reports To the Director of Administrative Services. The department is broken in to six different areas which are: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budget, Payroll, Purchasing and Property/Inventory.

The accounts payable clerk reviews all incoming invoices for accuracy and compares them against any purchase orders to make sure the order is complete. The invoices are then coded against the correct department and account for payment. Once the coding process is complete, the invoices are entered into an accounts payable computer program which generates checks for payment. The accounts payable clerk also maintains proper files for all Sheriffs’ office payables.

The Sheriff’s office budget is broken into two areas which are the Sheriff’s office and 911 mapping. The Sheriff’s office budget is prepared by the Finance Manager who consults with the Director of Administrative Services on the office financial needs for the upcoming year. The Finance Manager uses this information along with other past and present data to generate the budget for all departments. Once the budget is prepared, it is submitted to the Sheriff for review. The Sheriff may send the budget back to finance several times for changes before approving it for submission to the Board of County Commissioners for approval.

The Payroll Clerk performs accounting operations necessary to accurately calculate the Sheriff’s office monthly payroll. The Clerk also calculates monthly payroll reports and processes documentation for Worker’s Compensation and Family Medical Leave Act issues.  The Payroll Clerk also is required to have knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Worker’s Compensation Rules and the Family and Medical Leave act. The Clerk also performs other related duties to assist the Finance Manager and the Finance Department.

NSCO 2013-2014 Budget

NSCO 2013-2014 Budget Request

NCSO 2014-2015 Budget

NCSO 2014-2015 Budget Request

NCSO 2015-2016 Budget

NCSO 2015-2016 Budget Request

NCSO 2016-2017 Budget Request

NCSO 2017-2018 Budget Request

NCSO 2018-2019 Budget Request

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